It’s all about career choices

IGNITE Nigeria; a registered nongovernmental organization was launched in June 2010 at the Public Affairs Section of the United States Consulate, Lagos.

IGNITE, an acronym for Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution; a registered nongovernmental organization empowers young women to succeed in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers and inspiring girls to dream big to achieve their full potential.

Since inception, IGNITE Nigeria has impacted over 900 female students in schools within Lagos and Katsina States. IGNITE also has training packages to empower Educators. We realize the importance of training our teachers in STEM. IGNITE partners with international organizations to provide training for teachers. 

Our mission is to inspire girls to become the future technology leaders and innovators of our world.

We have established IGNITE STEM clubs in schools and we have a projection of having about 20 IGNITE clubs in each of the six geo-political zones in Nigeria by 2020. 

IGNITE was founded with the vision to

  • get teenage girls interested and passionate about technology.
  • create awareness that the girl child can have a successful career in science and technology
  • Build role model and mentors for teenage girls
  • Increase the number of girls in science classes
  • Showcase women can have a technology successful career and still build her family
  • Show Technology & Engineering can be fun and it’s not for nerds and geeks only. 

Below are a few comments from the girls in Nigeria who have attended our events. 

  • “During today's event I liked the IGNITE documentary. It was educative. The speakers were interesting and inspiring. I also liked the food. One of the speakers said “Nobody can make you inferior without your acceptance”. Ochuwa
  • The most interesting thing I heard was about Amelia Earhart and the briefing by the Pilot and the Air Traffic Controller. The event was good and very educational and interesting. It gives opportunities to young ladies. Maimuna 
  • “The most interesting thing I have heard today is about the advice and the story. It made enjoy the program and made me consider having a degree in technology. I was thinking about being a medical doctor.” Esther 
  • “I love the emphasis laid on the power of women in changing lives today and having the ability to make the world a better place. Taking my time to listen I have found this very interesting, I have enjoyed it to the very best and I am sure it has made a big impact in my life. I learnt girls have the power to do anything, create anything and change (improve) technology in a big way.” Shofu